Nobio and Supergum to prototype and test protective face masks against viruses

March 17, 2020

Nobio Ltd. and Supergum (1983) Ltd.

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Nobio Ltd. and Supergum (1983) Ltd. today announced an agreement to rapidly prototype and test an antiviral protective mask, combining Nobio’s revolutionary antimicrobial technology and Supergum’s market leading CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) breathing protection products.

Nobio’s technology is on the cutting edge of antimicrobial research, utilizing patented nano-particles to transform common materials into antimicrobial, indefinitely. Products for common dental procedures recently received FDA clearance. Supergum is the leading supplier of CBRN solutions to the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Forces.

Under the agreement, the parties will collaborate to quickly prototype and test facemasks utilizing Nobio’s technology, intended to protect emergency workers, medical personnel, high-risk population and others against various microbial pathogens, including the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“The ongoing coronavirus crisis requires industry to take aggressive measures to help public health authorities defeat this pandemic and make these critical initiatives a priority,” said in a joint statement, Ilan Gescheit, Supergum CEO and Yoram Ashery, Nobio CEO. “Face masks with active antiviral protection are urgently needed and to our knowledge are not yet available on the market.”

About Supergum

Supergum offers the use of advanced and innovative technologies in rubber and plastic production, serving the automotive, medical, defense, aviation and environmental industries. Supergum is also Israel’s leading manufacturer of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) protective solutions and systems for military, civilian and Homeland Security use. Supergum’s product portfolio includes the full range of body protection: high performance rubber boots, multipurpose overshoes, rubber gloves, disposable suits, special-use suits, overpressure hoods, blowers, and other items such as special transport bags, covers and protection systems. For more information, visit

About Nobio

Nobio is a material sciences company that redefines the landscape of antimicrobial products and solutions with its novel nanoparticle technology. First products with this technology received FDA clearance for common dental treatments and will be commercially available this year. Nobio is working with global industry leaders in medical, dental, consumer and other industries, transforming their products into antimicrobial, indefinitely.